{dinner at the table} 7-10-15


I grew up in a household with my 4 sisters and my step mom and dad. Both of my parents worked and all the kids were involved in after school activities, so evenings are the only time we all sit together and see each other. I have fond memories of my step mom cooking dinner before work because she comes home late in the evening and us all eating that dish for dinner.

The hubby and I love to cook and we ate dinner together at the dining table when it was just us two. Once the kiddo arrived, we had mixed schedules the first few years because of baby bedtime routines and etc. Now that H is 2 yrs old, his bedtime is later and he pretty much eats the same food as us.

This year, I’ve been making it a priority to get us in a routine where we are sitting down and eating our dinner together at the table (and not at the bar table with the TV on) and talking about our day.

Besides me taking pictures of our food (so I can document it), we try NOT to use our phone while eating dinner.

family dinner 07-11-15 (1)

This week we ate:

– zucchini noodles with pesto and garlic shrimp

– fish tacos (from Rubio’s) and side salad/veggies  #tacotuesdays

– taco salad with ground meat

– grilled steak with prosciutto wrapped asparagus (also grilled)

– Asian cabbage salad from Costco that we ate as a side dish throughout the week

family dinner 07-11-15 (2)


  1. We always ate dinner together as a family and I definitely loved it! With me teaching at the gym in the evenings and the husbands schedule (and travel) all over the place…its pretty tough. We try to do it at least 1 or 2 times a week! Great meals!

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