{what I wore} plaids & deep colors

I was getting impatient on when the Fall weather would come, and it came this week with 2 days of rain and chilly weather. Today is the first day I wore tights, last time was April of this year. I’m re-organizing my closet to make room for fall clothing, which means (to me) here in SoCal that:

we wear tights with our dresses

wear skirts made of thicker materials (like wool)

wear dark colors and hues

walk out of the house wearing the full outfit, including blazer (compared to the summer months when I go to work in a sleeveless dress and store/wear my blazers at work where the A/C is in full blast)


what I wore 110515

I’m loving plaid and (unintentionally) have collected several pieces, all sorts of plaid colors.  I did not shop for most of the summer and hoping to find good pieces this Fall season that I can wear all year long. My shopping list includes : black blazer with longer length, 1 versatile dress, 1 good fitting skinny jeans and ankle booties.

I’m hoping I can finally get my clothes organize and get a work wardrobe capsule by beginning of next year.

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