{recipe} caprese salad bites

Summer is here!

It’s welcoming us with a heatwave this week, it hit 108 degrees yesterday in our neighborhood.

We spend most of our summer weekends having family and friends over to swim in our backyard. Personally, if I’m spending the day at the pool, I like to graze all day long and make recipes that are easy, light and refreshing.  I made this caprese salad bites last year and I’m excited to make them again this summer season.

caprese salad bites (6)

No recipe needed really, it’s more of assembling ingredients. I used Trader Joe’s Balsamic Glaze for the sauce. I like using this sauce because it’s concentrated and thick and not too sweet.

They look so pretty on the serving platter because it’s so colorful.

caprese salad bites (7)


– small pearl tomatoes cut in half

– fresh basil leaves

-fresh mozzarella cheese

– sprinkle salt and pepper on top (optional)


Assemble them as pictured above, add balsamic glaze.

caprese salad bites (9)

caprese salad bites (4)

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