Halloween Sale

In the spirit of celebrating Halloween week, I wanted to celebrate the recent opening of my online store with Open Sky with a sale.

One of the reasons I started my blog was because I wanted to share with my friends and family ways to live a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to share the recipes that I cook in the kitchen and also share the products that I use.

Open Sky is an online store where I can sell the items I personally use or recommend. I worked in the hotel industry for years and learned that personal reviews are the most helpful when it comes to purchase decisions. I certainly use personal recommendations or seek out reviews when I try something new for the first time.

This week I will highlight a few of my favorite items.

Garlic Gold. This is one of my favorite items to cook with lately. I honestly believe that once you try it, you will get hooked. I did. It will give your favorite meals an extra flavor.

Garlic Gold Nuggets – these little nuggets pack a lot flavor without the extra garlic breath.

Picture 002

I use Garlic Gold nuggets in my Stuffed Bell Pepper

Picture 023

I use Garlic Gold nuggets Italian Herb in my garlic bread.


I use Garlic Gold Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette in my salads.



I use Garlic Gold Oil when I saute shrimp for wraps or peanut sesame noodles.



I used Garlic Gold Nuggets in my Pumpkin Turkey chili recipe.


Want to try Garlic Gold and add some flavor and ooomph in your cooking?

Garlic Gold is currently offering a holiday gift box so you can try all their products in one package. The box contains:

  • One 250ml bottle of Garlic Gold® Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette,
  • One 250ml bottle of Garlic Gold® Oil,
  • One 2.3oz bottle of Garlic Gold® Sea Salt Nuggets
  • One 3.75oz jar of Garlic Gold®

Click here to purchase the holiday gift box from my store.

The Halloween Sale is for 30% off discount for any purchases (under $100) in my OpenSky store.  Enter code HEALTHYC30PCT at checkout. (The coupon is good for the first 10 customers who use it and expires on October 31. Not valid for orders over $100)


I hope you take advantage of the promotion and the sale 🙂

I will be making a few purchases myself for gifts to fellow foodies and also to stock-up my own pantry.


  1. Congrats on the Open Sky store!! And what a great way to kick it off. All of your dishes look delicious- I’m craving garlic bread now

  2. I love garlic! I will have to look into this. My boyfriend often gets mad because I add garlic to everything!

  3. congrats on your store!! it’s SO fun 😀 and I LOVE garlic gold… I use it in EVERYTHING !

  4. Those stuffed bell peppers look so good. I keep seeing them all over the blogosphere, def need to try making them soon. I like your blog btw! Haha

  5. Those shrimps look so good. I keep seeing Garlic Gold in blogs but unfortunately we don’t have it here in Finland.

  6. Congrats on your store Lea! I love that you have so many recipes with Garlic Gold in them — it is a great ingredient.

  7. Congrats on the Open Sky store!! That’s awesome! 🙂

  8. Love garlic everything and anything.

    Way to go with your own store! Yiipppeeee 🙂

  9. awesome, i love your online store! i have one too, so much fun!

  10. I’ve never tried those products – they look great!

  11. Nice! I had never even heard of garlic gold nuggets- thanks for the rec and congrats on opening your store!

  12. Hooray for your Open Sky store! 🙂

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