Shake Shack Hike

My friends and I have enjoyed hiking at Crystal Cove all summer. Everyone has been busy with their lives that our hikes have been the only time we are able to catch up without interruption.

We wanted to get our holiday weekend to an fun and active start so we headed to the beach.

The best part of hiking early in the morning is that parking lots are empty and we have the beaches all to ourselves.

IMG-20110902-00229 (2) IMG-20110902-00227 (2)

Normally it’s a quite hike, but on this particular morning, the beaches were crowded and the waves were huge.

There was a photo shoot at the beach. As we got closer, we realized the model was dressed as renaissance man?!?

IMG-20110902-00230 (2)

Plenty of surfer boys on the beach too. There were more of them in the water trying to catch the unusually large waves in Orange County right now (it was in the news).

IMG-20110902-00231 (2)

Some parts of the beach were really tricky to walk on. There were plenty of debris and felt like we were walking on seaweed salad. It made for an interesting hike.

IMG-20110902-00232 (2) IMG-20110902-00233 (2)

We decided to hike along the cliffs instead to avoid the seaweed.

IMG-20110902-00236 (2) IMG-20110902-00234 (2)IMG-20110902-00237 (2)

We found a bench and admire the view from there. We kept saying, “Isn’t it beautiful here?”. Yes, indeed.

IMG-20110902-00235 (2)

My friend Cher has been traveling all over so she told me all about here trip to NOLA, Seattle and other adventures she had the past month.

We hiked some more and walked towards the Shake Shack trail.

IMG-20110902-00238 (2)

Chris told me all about this Shake Shack and how they sell great shakes. It was a bit early and cold for shakes so we just checked out their menu for next time. Cher was little disappointed that it was a Ruby’s restaurant because she was hoping the Shake Shack would look similar to the one from California Dreams TV show. Remember that show?

IMG-20110902-00239 (2)

It was a chilly morning. I guess Fall season is coming soon. We got back to our car and snacked on trail mix protein cookies and brownies from Peas and Thank You blog.




  1. Such a great way to sprnd time together!! That is a ridiculous amount of seaweed

  2. Having the beach all to yourselves is awesome! Worth the early morning, I know how crowded the beach gets!

    Glad you are having a beautiful weekend with Chris and friends! xoxo ❤

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful!!! I love it! Looks like a fantastic weekend 🙂

  4. Your pictures are fab =]

  5. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Yummm love shakes (smoothies) they have been part of my summer go to drink for any of the meals.

    I also went to the beach during the Labor day weekend.
    the weather was overcast and the waves were pretty big and I to saw many surfers trying to catch the waves.

    It was fun we brought sandwiches and snacks to hold us till we got home.

    glad you are having a fun time.

    when you mentioned the Cove I was thinking of the one in Malibu…

    • You are brave for tackling the beach crowd during a holiday weekend. During our hike, it was early but already the parking lot was getting crowded. I’ve had another friend mention the Cove in Malibu..I want to check it out one of these days.

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