venturing out to a new-to-us beach in Newport area and so happy that it was very toddler friendly. There were no waves and it had a very cool lighthouse and nautical themed playground a few steps away from the beach

showering my friend Amy and baby London Elise with love at her baby shower. Her shower was so cute and the décor so personal and I would describe the theme as rustic chic

going to the zoo after hours and enjoying the outdoor concert. We explored the zoo and had unlimited ride on the train and carousel during half of the concert and for the latter half, we ate what we packed for our picnic

brunching with my girlfriends at The Federal Bar in Long Beach. A few of my high school girlfriends have moved away and they are planning to come back home soon. In the meantime, we are enjoying going out to brunch whenever they are in town

cleaning my closet and sending them off to Thred Up. I have already sent 2 large bags, but still waiting for it to be processed.

going to the regional park after daycare pick-up and hanging out with the ducks

watching Suits on Wednesday and live tweeting at the same time. So fun!

buying a case of ripe peaches and searching for recipes to make. I already know I’m going to make fruit crisps and ice pops with half of it

planning our San Diego weekend trip late this summer. We have gone every summer in the last 2 years and it’s a fun, quick family road trip. We want to visit the Safari Park this summer.

reading Where’d You Go Bernadette and loving it, it’s a funny book.

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