dressing up as a Greek Princess for Halloween. My little guy was a pirate and my husband was Diablo

attending the pre-school’s Trunk-Or-Treat event and also their Halloween potluck party. It was quiet a special treat to spend the morning with H and see him interact with his friends and teachers at his new school

having lots of fun on Saturday night at my husband’s work event. We love going every year

walking around our neighborhood and taking H trick-or-treating while hubby stayed home and gave out candies.  This is the first year that H walked the whole neighborhood, he walked up and knocked on every door while I looked on from the sidewalk

realizing how much H has grown within a year and how independent he has become

missing my mom this Halloween because last year we had party and she had a blast giving away candies and interacting to the kids who came by.  We miss her so much, but Halloween season brought a lot of happy memories from last year, which in turn made me sad realizing we will never have Halloween celebrations together again

carving a pumpkin with a minion design

collecting 3 large bags of candies, from all the Halloween events we attended. I’ve sorted out what we want to keep and the candy fairy have taken the rest away to Candyland

going to our last pumpkin patch the Sunday before Halloween. Since it wasn’t crowded, we were able to ride the train and the tractor

listening to this favorite old podcast episode from Nov 2014 about approaching the holiday season with intention. I’ve listened to this every year as a reminder of what I want for the upcoming holidays

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