Cruise Vacation – Lightest Sea Breeze in Manzanillo

A “Lightest Sea Breeze” drink includes cranberry, grapefruit juices with a dash of fresh lime juice (alcohol optional).

But the post title is not about the drink, it’s about our day in Manzanillo, Mexico. It was the hottest day and most humid day during our cruise. The post should have been called NO Sea Breeze.


We arrived bright and early at the port in Manzanillo. It was day four of our cruise and arriving after 2 days of being at sea. I’ve never been to Manzanillo (and actually never heard of it before our trip) so I was excited and snapped the picture below from our balcony as the ship pulled in. Right away I knew it was going to be a hot day.


Putting my hair up and braiding it was my double protection from the humidity and having frizzy hair.




We headed out to a small shopping area right by the pier and explored the streets.


I love all the colors and the cobblestone streets.




I read that Manzanillo is known as the Sailfish Capital of the World.


There were plenty of tourists shopping the main street but the side streets were not as crowded.


We visited street vendors and artisan shops.



We were intrigued by a man hand crafting a wood design using a hot stick that burns the design onto a thin piece of wood.

IMG_6726 IMG_6724

We thought it was cool and something we haven’t seen before so we bought one. Chris chose a shark design.


Along with shopping, I cooled myself with coconut +  blackberry ice cream. There were so many tropical flavors to choose from (kiwi ice cream anyone?) but I asked for the most popular flavor and glad to know it was coconut.


When the heat became unbearable for me (I was getting cranky and hungry), it was time to head back to our cruise. I wanted to cool down really bad.


Lunch included pumpkin bread, fish with white sauce, salad with plenty of olives, eggplant and several slices of desserts.

cruise day 4 _lunch

After lunch, we relaxed at the pool and lounged around.

Around 5pm, it was time to sail away and say goodbye to Manzanillo from our balcony. Soon after, we got ready for our evening.



Early evening, we ate a snack before dinner. Teacake and a slice of pizza for me. Sushi for Chris.

IMG_6756 IMG_6754 IMG_6755

Dinner time came around and we sat at our assigned table in the main restaurant

cruise day 4 _dinner a

Soup: Potage Saint Germain (peas soup with baby tomato salad)

Entree: Blackened fillet of tilapia (topped with shrimp and seafood, jambalaya rice, scallion and cured tomato stir-fry)

Dessert: Warm chocolate melting cake & Almond and phyllo roll.

After dinner entertainment was a Motown musical show. We enjoyed it a lot. I can’t believe I knew a lot of the songs.


We ended our long but fun day around midnight.

This cutie greeted us in our room.


Next on the itinerary….Puerto Vallarta.


  1. The lightest sea breeze drink sounds refreshing! 🙂 Beautiful pictures in this post. I love your blue dress! The cruise looks like so much fun.

  2. I love love love when the hotel/cruise ship makes towel critters- so cute 🙂 What a beautiful spot. And how cute are your clothes (please come shop for me :)). The ice cream sounds divine

  3. OOOO how gorgeous!!! I’ve never been to Mexico, but from what I hear its amazing and very cheap!! My kind of vacay 😉

    You look gorgeous in ALL your pics!!!


  4. Awesome pics of Manzanillo! I def want to go to Mexico one day!

  5. Love this recap. Your hair is super cute braded!!

  6. I am glad you posted this! My company is taking a trip to Manzanillo in January. I hadn’t heard of it until the trip was booked. Looks so pretty and I can’t wait to try that ice cream!

  7. This was such a fun read. Looks like you guys had a blast! I would have hated that heat. Ugh.

  8. its really a nice experience to go on that place for vacations

  9. janetha says:

    Im here! Trying to figure Out where to find that ice cream. Any pointers? Name of the place? Email me 🙂 Xoxo


  1. […] we wandered up and down a few of the streets, but soon realized there wasn’t a ton to see. i remembered reading lea’s post about manzanillo and did catch the street fruit and cool stairs she had posted about. […]

  2. […] we were on vacation during our Mexican Riviera cruise, we ate chocolate cake every night.  It is very decadent, and we definitely splurged on desserts […]

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