Disney Nights & Pancake Weekend

It was definitely a pancake weekend for me. I made pancakes twice, on back to back mornings.

I enjoyed them after the hike on Saturday and also made them the following morning.

I normally don’t eat pancakes for breakfast because they don’t satisfy me. I can eat a plate full, be stuffed and feel hungry again an hour later.

Over the years, whenever I eat the usual pancakes, I would have eggs on the side for protein. Then I discovered making protein pancakes. I would add either protein powder or egg whites in the mix and I would have pancakes that had staying power and kept me full like a bowl of oats would. I found this recipe from Janetha’s blog and added my own twist. She said these are her favorites, so it’s got to be good.

Oh yes, they are good.

Protein Pancakes


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • 1/2 cup egg whites (from the box)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • few drops of liquid stevia (or your choice of sweetener)

Blend all ingredients and cook.

My pancake toppings were chocolate shavings, peanut butter & flaked coconuts.


They are thin and dense. I was actually full after 3 pancakes and saved the last pancake to add to  my snacks later.


The texture was perfect for eating them roll-up style.


I didn’t eat them with syrup but I’m sure it can be a great addition. The flaked coconut and the liquid stevia added enough sweetener for me. For other protein pancakes that I enjoy, you can check out the recipe here and here


Disney Nights

Evenings at Disneyland has become more crowded. I think we have a few weeks left in our annual passes before we are block for the rest of the summer season.

It’s Spring Break season and it’s also a countdown to summer season, in Disney words…crazy crowded!


Our Sunday evenings at Disneyland has been shared with Spring Breakers but we still wanted to check out the park last night and walk around with friends.

We managed to get on 2 rides (usually we do 4-5 good rides) and one of them was the train on our way home.

IMG_4119 IMG_4117

I admired this beautiful tree in Toontown. It looks like a cherry blossom tree but with yellow flowers.Gorgeous.


Do you make pancakes at home? What are your favorite pancake toppings?


  1. Yum! Janetha has such great recipes!!! I like my pancakes with a little bit of fruit- blackberries and bananas are my favorite. Awww disney! I kind of want to go back again 🙂

  2. Sounds like lots of fun!!
    Those pancakes look awesome! 😀

  3. Disney land! How fun!!! U guys are so sweet in that pic! Love your coat too!

    I love pancakes! I like to make coconut flour ones!

    xoxo ❤

  4. love the pink plate! i want to go to disney!!

  5. I love adding granola to pancakes – it adds a nice crunch!

  6. your pancakes look so good! i love pumpkin pancakes with peanut butter on top. 🙂

  7. actorsdiet says:

    those pancakes sound terrific – i will be giving them a try soon. i need to get to disney at some point – we should have a blogger meetup there!

  8. Now I feel like as an Orlando resident, it’s my duty to go to Disneyworld! I’ve only been once (several years ago) and I’d DIE to go again!

  9. Those pancakes look awesome! I love the addition of cottage cheese.

  10. Defiant Vegan (Annette) says:

    Hey those pancakes look delicious I think Cheese Cake Factory has a breakfast pancake with cottage cheese in it. I wish I can veganize it but this I can’t =( lol.

    Love that tree it does look like a Cherry Blossom.

  11. THose pancakes look sooo awesome!!! Love that you put cottage cheese in it! I’ll have to try that out!

  12. Your pancakes are beautiful!


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