Scenes from Fall

The sun is shining and the weather is warm around here. It doesn’t feel like October, but the calendar says it is.

We are having weird weather where it is still very warm during the day but it significantly cools down in the evening. Oddly, it’s still warm enough that I could have gone to the pool today.

But in the evening, I definitely feel and look like fall season is here.

Dark Hair Color

My highlights are gone and I have gone to the dark side. Dark hair that is. I loved my lighter color and highlighted hair during Spring and Summer but it was time to get rid of it. It was damaged from all the days spent at the beach.


Gray colors = Fall

Day                                          Evening

IMG_4265a  09a

(Banana Republic top and thin coat)

Black, grey, dark red, brown and orange colors are filling up my closet space. If beige is my neutral colors during summer, then grey is for winter. I love to wear yellow so I am in search of mustard color scarves that I can accessorize my outfits with and add a pop of color. Mustard is the darker shade of yellow right?


Another reason why Fall can’t be denied? There are pumpkins everywhere at Disneyland, and because we spend our Sunday evenings at Disneyland, it always feels so festive whenever every season or a holiday comes around. Between the months of October-December is the most festive time at the park and the surrounding area.



IMG_3386 IMG_3385

My kitchen is ready for Fall season too.


Our kitchen is fully stocked. Did you know there is going to be a pumpkin shortage this season? (you can google “pumpkin shortage” and read more about it)


I’m ready for Fall 🙂

What colors do you wear in Fall? What are your favorite pumpkin recipes?


  1. Hair looks fabulous!!! I am a pumpkin fanatic, ive started hoarding. Love my vegan pumpkin chocolate chocolate chip muffins and lil veggie patches pumpkin bars

  2. I love that you hoard pumpkin, haha!

    I love pumpkin oats and pumpkin cookies!

    Your hair looks beautiful and its so long! Love it!

    Happy Sunday ! xoxo

  3. squigglefloey says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous!
    My aunt- who has a seasonal pass to DL– is SO excited to go for the Halloween decorations haha. They look adorable 🙂

    • Tell your aunt she will love it right now at Disneyland, it’s so festive. I’ve talked a few friends into buying annual passes this year, but I recommend they buy it around Fall so in case they don’t renew the following year, they can experience Halloween at Disneyland twice.

  4. I love your dark hair! It looks beautiful! 🙂

    I didn’t realize there was a pumpkin shortage again! I only have two cans of pumpkin. Looks like I need to stock up!

  5. pumpkin shortage?!! That’s right, b/c I will be the one cleaning out the shelves from all the stores. You didn’t hear?! 😛 hehe. I love the natural looking waves in your hair in that picture! Did you do it yourself? Or is it naturally like that?

    • Thanks Ellie. To get natural looking waves in my hair (not curls), I use spiral shaped curling irons. It works great for adding volume to my hair.

      My hair is straight. The picture of me in red plaid shirt, that’s how my hair looks when it’s not styled.

  6. i love this post so much. 🙂

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