Cafe Orleans at Disneyland


Happy Lunar New Year from Disneyland!



Chinese New Year is tomorrow Monday, January 23rd.  Disneyland looks festive with all the Chinese New Year decorations up.

They even have egg rolls, edamame and other Asian inspired cuisine available for a limited time inside the park. How fun 🙂


The last couple of weeks, we have found ourselves dining out quite often. There have been dinner and happy hour with friends, birthday celebrations, goodbye parties and etc.

We dined recently at Cafe Orleans, a restaurant located inside Disneyland park. It’s right next to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.


The restaurant has a great view of the water used for Fantasmic show. You’re also surrounded by sights, decors and feel of New Orleans.

IMG_0195 IMG_0191

We eat at this restaurant for one reason, and one reason only……

Pommes Frites!!!!


It’s traditional french-fried potatoes, tossed with Parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley, served with a Cajun spice remoulade.

The combination of all the spices, the cheese and the garlic, it’s just perfect. It’s not overwhelming with garlic, it’s just perfect.

Our whole group ordered a serving each.


And the remoulade….it’s delicious and creamy. I always ask for a second serving of the sauce.


They serve other food too. Because we can’t just have fries for dinner right?

My sister and I shared a sandwich and an order of french fries.  I liked the avocado relish in the sandwich.



Chris ordered jambalaya and I liked it too.  The soup texture tasted like pureed beans. Since I like beans, I loved the soup.


We don’t dine often inside the park, maybe just a few times a year but this is a restaurant we like coming back to.


  1. Om gosh- those fries look amazing! Totally would go to that restaurant for them

  2. I LOVE that the fries make your trip worth it to that restaurant. When you find a good order of fries, you gotta go back! There’s a restaurant where I live that serve really amazing truffle fries. I’ve only eaten there a couple of times and it’s just so good!

  3. Oh nom! The pommes frites look AMAZE!

  4. actorsdiet says:

    this post has my name all over it!!! lunar new year, AND food from NOLA!!! and of course, disney!!!

  5. yum those fries look delicious, we’ll have to them next time we go to Disneyland! i just discovered the beignets at Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney, they are awesome!

  6. I can’t believe there is such amazing looking food inside the parks! I thought it would just be typical proccessed and fried foods!

  7. That restaurant looks great! I love those fries! 🙂 Disney World/Land has some of the greatest restaurants! I miss Disney! I hope to get back sometime in the near future 🙂

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