halloween 2014

Happy Halloween from our baby crab.


The picture below was taken during Baby H’s fall festival event at his day care. It was the first time having candy and boy did he love it!


I loved that his day care had this evening festivity, we got a chance to meet other parents and see the kiddos all dressed up in their costumes.


On a different weekend, we also attended the hubby’s annual work event. He dressed up as a diver and I came as Pocahontas.



We found other sea creatures roaming around too 🙂

IMG_2228 ‘’

Last Sunday, we visited Disney and was excited to see the Halloween decorations.



Carved pumpkins, disney style.

IMG_2268 IMG_2265 IMG_2266 IMG_2267

Being the last weekend before Halloween, there was a long line to take pictures in front of the giant pumpkin on Main St.

IMG_2293 IMG_2295fb

My little guy was ready for his nap, so I took a quick snapshot on our way out.



On Halloween day, we went around the neighborhood to take little man for his first trick-or-treat outing. He loves to walk on his own, so he enjoyed walking around the neighborhood. Our street was closed for a block party, so the kids were able to roam around the middle of the street safely.

IMG_2401  IMG_2393

He was a little timid at first, a lot of our neighbors had great/scary decorations in their front lawn, sensory overload for our little guy.


After a few houses, he got the hang of it and started to enjoy it. We went out right at sunset, so we were early and missed the rush of big kids.

IMG_2404fb IMG_2410fb

We were home by 7pm and then spent the night giving candies out. We had plenty of candies leftover (less kids this year than last), so I’m going to be creative on how to use them up.

P.S. I won the costume contest at work and got a paid day off, woohoo!

P.S.S In between all the festivities, I made some delicious treats.

Candy corn cereal snack mix


Blood shot eyes cupcake. Eeek!





  1. He is so cute! Looks like yall had an awesome time celebrating!! That chex mix looks awesome

  2. omgosh, how adorable is he?! sounds like you all had a great halloween!


  1. […] to dress up as pirates, but the adult costumes didn’t get delivered on time. The last two years (halloween 2014) , he was worn an animal costume. This year, he is old enough to choose himself and he said he […]

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