Now That’s Ugly

The ugly part of this post is towards the end. But first, lets talk about pretty and delicious desserts. During my POM dinner party, I made some treats that I gave away with my party guests goodie bags. I was inspired by Heather’s Maple Nut Oaties and adapted these from her original recipe. POM, Chocolate […]

Pomegranate, Pistachio and Banana Bread

POM Wonderful sent me a box of pomegranates. It’s pomegranate season and I have been enjoying making different recipes that incorporate pomegranates. The holiday season is here and I welcomed it with open arms with this festive loaf. This bread is definitely different with nutty taste of pistachios, the unique tartness of the pomegranate and […]

Ruby Day

It has been a ruby filled day. I baked with pomegranates, ate cranberries for breakfast and I am currently wearing a ruby dress, blogging from our ruby themed hotel room. I received the granola from my granola exchange this week. I love it. I love the tartness of the dried cranberries. We have relatives visiting, […]