wardrobe capsule / week 4 (using calendar to plan outfits)

Here’s how I organize my outfits for this capsule:

1.)  Listing all the possible mix & match outfits on paper

2.)  Using stylebook to visually create the outfits

3.)  Below – put the outfits and organize in the calendar. I wanted to make sure I wear all my pieces and avoid repeats on a weekly basis. I have a lot of skirts in the first wardrobe capsule, so on average, I wear skirts about 3 days a week, a dress 1 day a week and pants 1 day a week.  Here’s an example of the outfits for the whole month of September.



I only went to work 4 days for this week and  here are the outfits:

wardrobe capsule_ week 4


Left below:  I love this gingham shirt from JCrew. I wear it on weekends too with shorts and sandals.

work wardrobe capsule_ week 4


work wardrobe capsule_ week 4 (1)

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