30 Days of Reflection

Today is one month before I turn the “Big 30” on April 26th. I am so excited to be turning 30 and be where I am in my life. I don’t really feel like I am 30 years old, I feel like I am 21 + 9 years of wisdom or experience.

My life is far from perfect but I always keep a positive attitude and that helps a lot in my outlook in life. I am healthy. My loved ones are healthy. I am surrounded by love and support. Life is fun. Life is great.

I am so grateful for everything in my life, I feel really blessed.

The next month, I am going to have some posts that will revolve around my “30 Days of Reflection”.

  • Goals before I turn 30,
  • Lessons learned that I want to remember
  • Places that I’ve traveled
  • Advice that I have given or was given to me
  • Relationships in my life (friends, family and etc)
  • Special moments and special pictures
  • My favorite things and Top 30’s

I want to thank you ahead for reading and following me on this 30 day journey of reflection.

Race Day Weekend

One of my goals this year was to run fun races with my friends, specifically I wanted to run three 10K races before I turn 30. That would be 30K before 30.

Immediately after our fun Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10K race last February (1st of 3 races), we started searching for another race to run.

Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10K (2)

We explored trail running and tried to schedule running on the trails before committing to a race. But the weather has not been great and each time a run was planned, we would be rained out. We decided we would do the trail run thing another time.

Tomorrow, my friends and I are running the Knott’s Berry Farm Coaster Run.

Coaster Run

I am excited for this race for many reasons. I recruited my college friends Lora and Cher to join in on the fun and run with me. My running buddy Amie is racing again with me. I’ve ran every 10K race with her 🙂 This is our 5th 10K race together.

I am also excited for the pie at the finish line. What? I get excited about food.

I love working out with friends because it doesn’t happen often. I usually do my own thing with my workouts and we try to do group activities like hike and run races when our schedule allows.

I feel so proud when my friends train and run a race with me. I feel so warm inside when they show interest in doing something fitness related and when they tell me that I inspire them. I want my friends to discover that being active is fun 🙂


I headed over to the gym this morning for some cardio. I wanted to rest my feet to keep them fresh for the race tomorrow, so I planned to workout on the elliptical machine.

When I got to the gym, all the elliptical machines were taken so I jumped on the treadmill instead.  I walked for 5 minutes to warm-up then jogged for another 10 minutes until an elliptical was available.

While I was mindlessly reading on the elliptical machine, the music from the Turbo Kickboxing class was blasting and it was so energetic that I couldn’t help but check it out.

I ended up taking the class and had a blast. Music gives me so much energy. I loved the class today. We did Tina Turner moves, burpees (I have love/hate relationship with burpees), and a lot of skiing moves.

I was sweating so much, the tip of my ponytail was wet. Eewww!

Breakfast was no surprise. I’m still eating my current obsession. Protein chocolate oatmeal + unsweetened chocolate + coconut flakes + nut butter


Today’s nut butter was full of crunch, nut butter of the day for healthy fats was -> Nuttzo.


A must try combination.


As I type this post, the garlic aroma is spreading in the air.


I have crispy baked fish in the oven. It’s whats for lunch.

Will share recipe soon.

Have a great Saturday! I’m off to pick up my race packet at the mall, how convenient that it’s at the mall. I can do some window shopping 🙂

Do you workout with your friends consistently? Do you have workout buddies?

Having friends to workout with really helps me have more fun in my workout. But most times,  I am a loner and do my own thing at the gym.


  1. Definitely am looking forward to the 30 days of reflection!
    Good luck in the race! 😀

  2. I love that you’re doing this special feature! I hate seeing all of the “dreading X age” posts. We must celebrate our fabulous lives 🙂 I used to teach Turbo Kick!! It was actually the first class I taught. I miss it every now and again and pop in my old instructing DVDs to do. What a tasty looking lunch. Happy weekend! I love working out alone & with groups. Running outdoors alone is really great therapy. But teaching group fitness and seeing everyone enjoying the workout really picks me up too!

  3. I have a workout buddy! We’re good at keeping each other motivated. And we work at the same place so we can go to our gym together. It’s perfect! In fact, my butt is sore from yesterdays workout!

  4. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic says:

    I have a couple of workout buddies! And I have a love/hte relationship with burpees too. And mountain climbers 😉

  5. I workout with my mom! 🙂 She is such an inspiration for me! 🙂


  6. I love this neat way to celebrate your upcoming milestone birthday – how fun! And cool to do 3 10K’s before 30 🙂 Love it. I have work out buddies but want more! All of my friends work out, but we all live too far away to do it together – BOO!

  7. This is such an awesome idea for reflecting on the past 30 years. I’ve been wanting to come up with some goals for my 30th. I’ll be 3o in 2013!

    Knott’s pie is delicious! No shame there. I’d be excited too.


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