just dandy – jill’s bridal shower


We celebrated Jill’s bridal shower last week at The Grand Del Mar in San Diego.

The bridal shower was a day filled with friends catching up with each other, celebration of friendships, toast to the bride-to-be, very creative and personalized decorations, beautiful location and just an all around awesome party.

Oh, there was a henna tattoo artist that created such beautiful art on our hands. Such a rad thing to have in a bridal shower, or any party. period.

I loved the beautiful video montage that was created using snippets and videos sent in by the bride’s friends and relatives.

I loved seeing all the personal details everywhere, especially the turquoise rings that Jill used when she asked her bridesmaids to be in the bridal party.

I asked the henna artist to include Hawke and Chris’s name in the design, and she did it so flawlessly.

I was so glad that my parents were able to watch Hawke, so I could drive down to San Diego and join in on the celebration. We look forward to seeing the beautiful couple again on their wedding day in April.


jillsbridalshowerjillsbridalshower1 IMG_3268



  1. Fabulous! What a perfect party. You look beautiful!!

  2. Gillianne says:

    Oh my!!! Thanks so much sister for coming! Love the photos…brings back memories of such a beautiful day with my favorite girls! Wow…your photos are amazing!

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