Love Letter to my girlfriends

 I am still sore from my workout last Friday. So I headed out this morning to take a walk at the park and see how I feel afterwards.

Pre workout fuel:  1/2 banana and 1/2 cup cooked oatmeal with cinnamon.

After a mile of fast walking, my body loosened up and I felt good enough to jog. I ended up doing 4 miles of leisurely jog and with some yoga stretching afterwards, I can say that the soreness is almost gone.  My mind kept wanting to run but my body said stop. It was gloomy when I started to run, then it got hot really quickly and I wasn’t prepared for it.

No hat + no sunscreen + no shade = no good 😦

IMG_1108 IMG_1115  IMG_1109a IMG_1112  IMG_1110a

I zoned out during the jog and started thinking about my girlfriends because some songs I was listening to on my Ipod made me think of them. The Sex and The City soundtrack and a Keri Hilson song “Got your back”?

A lot of changes are happening lately, engagements, weddings and first babies. I’m working on a (hush, hush) project that needed me to look through some old pictures through the years. Everyone is scattered now and with everyone being busy, it’s hard to get together.

So I wrote the following email last week and sent it out to my close friends:

A love letter to my girlfriends.

So I’m organizing all of my online albums <I have like 7 accounts> just so I can fit them all and share with friends….anyways I’m trying to put them all in one place and I started browsing thru them.

My oldest albums online are in 2004 and it chronicles Escala and our SD clubbing days, all our trips (I went thru all of Chicago again, all 500 of them, the steak reminder note L wrote ), our annual Xmas parties, each others birthday parties , annual Thanksgiving parties and the 3 years we did summer in Palm Springs.

So it go me thinking…all the things that we’ve been through, and all the changes that are happening in our lives lately

So because I was reminiscing, I started getting emotional (in a good way) and I just want to thank you girls for being great friends…….and I know that this is a long shot because everyone is busy but I really hope that someday we can take another girls trip again.

I really really love all you girls, even though I admit that from time to time, we drift apart depending on our schedules, conflicts, just need our space or whatever….regardless, we always make sure we get together again and make it all better. Lets hope that doesn’t change 🙂

With that said….lets get the party started for Vegas!!! WOOO..HOOO!!!

I love receiving letters and notes from friends, especially a handwritten note, it’s make its extra special. I also like to write notes and letters for friends and family.

When was the last time you wrote a letter or handwritten note? Who did you write it for?


  1. actorsdiet says:

    i just wrote a thank-you card the other day and i’ll admit, it felt weird!!!

  2. What a nice letter to your friends! I guess the last letter I wrote was the one I did to my daughter on my blog last Thursday. Love writing as a way to share thoughts though.

    Glad you aren’t feeling as sore. I hate when soreness just doesn’t go away.

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