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A few weeks ago, I cleaned out a ton of boxes in the garage. I’m trying to sort everything out, clean house and make a dent in organizing all the stuff I’ve kept all these years.

I kept my bib from my first half marathon race in Las Vegas. Ever since I found it, I have been toying with the idea of running a half marathon before my wedding at the end of May.

I ran the Rock N Roll race alone and I remember how proud I was when I crossed the finish line. It was a feeling I’ll never forget.

My relationship with running is different now compared to when I was training for the race. I enjoy it much more and my runs are actually fun. There are no schedules and I run when I want to. When you are training for race, there are schedules to follow and long runs on the weekend. It was worth all the effort and training but there were a few days during training where I didn’t feel like running but went out for a run anyways with a pout on my face.


There’s a slight hesitation in signing up for a half marathon right now, because of the feeling I got last time that “I had to run”. Some days I just want to dance and have that as my workout, some days I just don’t want to run.

But I’m hoping this time it will be different. We shall see. It is to be decided.

Below are the half marathons in California that I have been looking at closely the last few weeks. The Wine Country Run in Paso Robles seems like a lot of fun. I’ve never been there so I want to check it out.

Half Marathon Schedules (Source)

I worked hard. I trained hard. It was cold. It was worth it.

Marathon_1.bmp Marathon_3a

How come I’m the only one celebrating at the finish line?

rnr-5 rnr_new (2)a


  1. Because you are getting married soon, I would say enjoy this time of planning and anticipation of the wedding and wait to start any running races until afterwards. This will only happen once..races are forever 😉

    • Running has actually helped me relieve stress during the wedding planning process.

      But I see your point, training for a race is time consuming and it might get too hectic with all the other wedding activities. Thanks Shanna 🙂

  2. I totally hear you on this! maybe this time you could use a more flexible training program that allows for more cross training days?

    • Yes, that’s something I am doing different this time around. I have started strength training consistently and it makes a world of difference. I have core strength and muscles that I’ve never had before.

      Thank you Body Pump classes for introducing me to lifting weights. I have become a better runner because of it.

      The last 10K race I ran during Thanksgiving day, I felt the difference running that race after I have done cross training.

  3. Well, maybe if you set up a program with cross training, you could run the half without feeling obligated to run all of the time.
    Here’s a plan that I was looking at just the other day:
    There is a lot of running, but you get 2 cross-training days and there’s also a more basic schedule. =D

    • Thank you so much for giving me the link to the training. It actually looks doable and seems more fun than the original training plan I did. This has more flexibility.

  4. Lea, I love that photo of you crossing the finish line. So cute!

  5. SO CUTE! I love your ‘celebration’ picture! To answer your questions: I prefer Old El Paso fat-free refried beans. I’m not a fan of TJ’s either! And I don’t know that corn tortillas would do the trick. I have a recipe with corn tortillas (it’s called beef enchilada casserole). I just find that corn tortillas need more sauce to soften – whereas the flour ones in this recipe did fine with less sauce. I hope that helps!

  6. I would love to do that race in Solvang! Hmmm… maybe I will 🙂

  7. You look adorable running (and that is certainly hard to do). I would run a half with you but I’m on the East Coast. I’m sure the weather is much more enjoyable over there.

  8. Thanks for your note – I’ll be excited to see what you come up with for the Oscars cook-off!

  9. I wish I looked that cute when I ran. Instead I look like a tall, gangly uncoordinated girl lol….which is strange b/c I did play college vb lol oh well. Guess thats what happens when you only jump and do short sprints, you never learn how to actually run with the right form lol

  10. I am totally hooked i’ve done three…two in January and i’m headed to Pasadena in May…hopefully strong enough for the full marathon….i understand the (I must run dread) but once Im out the door Im quite thankful for the push. good luck on yours!!

    • Running races can get really addicting. I think the whole experience is just so much fun. I’m so glad there are so many local races around us. We are very lucky here in SoCal.

  11. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:


    Love it. I love going back and looking at all I saved to reflect it’s such a great feeling of accomplishment.

    I also like the picture where you were crossing the finish line and you had your hands extended out saying you did it!!!

    So cute.

    As far as running a marathon before your wedding I’d say go for it whatever makes you feel empowering is such a great feeling.



  12. There are half marathon training plans designed by experts to cater to a wide variety of audience..Half Marathon training needs focused effort particularly for beginners. There are also various variations of the training plan including those for beginners intermediate runners and advanced runners. The essence if this half marathon training plan is to do less in terms of time and distance but do that at a higher quality. So there are just 3 runs in a week of this 18 weeks plan and all the runs have specific pace goals as per the target times for the runner.

  13. I’m trying to get back into running again as well, and I was also thinking about doing the Wine Country Half in Paso Robles — the trail looks scenic and I know my husband would enjoy touring wine country!

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