High Altitude: 16 – 17 weeks

We announced our pregnancy to close family and friends when I was 16 weeks pregnant. It was so exciting to share the news with everyone and it was great to see everyone’s reaction and surprised faces.

I remember thinking at this point that I finally have a baby bump (when in reality and after looking at these pictures again from the future, it’s barely there) or at least beginning show. I was so proud to show my baby bump, as you can see from the pictures below. This is when I started taking side/profile pictures.

IMG_2849 IMG_2851

My niece Jazzy wanted to join in on the baby bump pictures too. She is so cute. This picture makes me laugh.


We celebrated my sister Hazel’s birthday and I could not get enough of the sweet potato fries. I just remember raving about it and kept thinking how good it was. From the very beginning of this pregnancy, my cravings have been salty food and cheese.


The following week, we took our last road trip (for a while) and headed up to Mammoth. It was gorgeous and I loved reading (read 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy in 3 weeks) and spending time relaxing, seeing all the beautiful sights and breathing fresh air.  It was just a great time for a change of scenery and couldn’t have come at a better time when I had my energy back and felt like myself again.


We were on the road for about 5 hours and I wanted to make sure I was comfortable. I bought and packed maternity clothes for the trip. The blue top and cargo pants above were from Old Navy, as well as the orange shirt below.

I was a happy traveler since I was a comfortable traveler.


Pregnancy Journal: 16-17 Weeks


How My Body is Changing:  I feel like my belly has grown and I am beginning to show.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  I definitely started to take notice that the increased in appetite. All the food aversions from the 1st trimester is gone and I am eating anything that I think taste at the moment.

What I’m Eating: Mostly carbs and salty food. I am trying to balance it by making sure I also get my veggies.

Maternity clothes?:  YES!! I am all about feeling comfortable and this week was a great time to transition into maternity clothes since we were traveling would be spending a lot of time in the car and also outdoors.

Sleep: I had great sleep in our cabin and that made up for all other restless nights.

Best moments: Finally telling our friends and family about Baby O.  Spending time with the husband and our friends and talking about future trips including our baby.

Gender: Ultrasound appointment is in 2 weeks and we will be revealing the gender during Thanksgiving festivities.

Wedding rings on or off? It’s still on!

Pregnancy Products Purchased:

I purchased Mama Mio Bbb Kit – for Boobs, bellies and bottoms. I am  using the Tummy Rub Stretch Mark oil daily right after I get out of the shower. I love how fast absorbing it is and I also love the smell.  I heard great things about this product and I bought it as a way to pamper myself.  I don’t have any stretch marks (yet) but it never hurts to start applying the oil early. I just like how it makes my skin feel very soft and keeps it hydrated.

Mama Mio BBB kit

(Note from the future:  I am well into my 3rd trimester and I am still using the product. I still love it but I am almost out now.  Although I have a couple of lines of stretch marks along the lower side of my belly, it’s not as bad from what I’ve seen with my sisters during their pregnancy.  I’m not sure if this product helped, but I am glad that I am using it.  I would recommend it based on the quality ingredients.)

Looking forward to:  Gender Reveal in a few weeks


  1. The belly is looking good mama – thanks for sharing:) Happy Hump/Bump Day!

  2. Congratulations! 🙂 This is such a happy news. You’re so fit and barely showing, I love your baby bump. (it was so sad for me that I can’t even fit into my normal jeans when I was only 5 weeks pregnant when I had my first baby.)

    You and your niece are adorable. 🙂 I love that picture too. Please take good care and enjoy this time. It’s so precious…and how I wish my kids are still in my tummy sometimes! 😛

  3. The picture with you and your niece is ridiculously adorable! Congrats!

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