{this week} highlights & pictures



This Week:

  • we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary
  • we enjoyed a special treatsfor breakfast with cinnamon buns shaped in #4
  • we grilled steak and veggies for dinner (my current favorite dinner)
  • visited children’s museum, where little man played with the giant stationary bus and pretended to be a park ranger
  • took our first dip in OUR pool, weather is finally warm enough so that the pool isn’t too cold
  • hosted family over for pool, BBQ, early dinner and watched the movie (Aloha)
  • we are reading Elmo’s Christmas book for bedtime and basically, all year long too
  • I started and finished reading “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling, this made me laugh out loud sooo many times
  • took walks after work because we had warm weather this week
  • hubby had a great fishing trip, and caught 5 large fish

053015-060515 (5)

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053015-060515 (1)053015-060515 (2)053015-060515 (3)053015-060515 (4)053015-060515 (6)


  1. Happy Anniversary! I have to get Mindy’s book! I love her- hilarious! So sad they canceled the show 😦

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