Pumpkin Pancakes

I created this pancake and topping combination during my run today. During my cool down, my mind started thinking about breakfast. I had a nice and short run this morning, trying to keep my legs fresh for my 10K Turkey Trot tomorrow morning.

I have been eating a lot of red food lately and it continued today.

Picture 011a

When I fall in love with certain food pairings or flavors, I go on phases where I will eat it constantly and I find ways to incorporate it in my meals.

Picture 017a

Pumpkin Pancakes:

Picture 013a

My life has been filled with fresh pomegranates lately.

Picture 020

The burst of flavor from the pomegranate arils has been a fun addition to my food.

Picture 023a

How I will tackle the Thanksgiving holiday and my eating philosophy:

– I will continue my normal workout throughout the week. No skipping my routine just because it’s a holiday. I feel better working out first thing in the morning.

–  I have 3 parties to go to on Thanksgiving day. I will not worry about all the food and eating too much food. I will enjoy myself tomorrow, and eat all the stuffing and pumpkin pie that I need.  I don’t need much but I like to taste everything.

– It’s only 1 meal (3 meals in my case) out of the year. It is said that our social and emotional connection to food is so strong so it is important to not deprive myself at family parties.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

What food are you looking forward to eating on Thanksgiving Day? I’m always excited for desserts. Also, holding a warm drink while chatting with friends and family.


  1. Oh these look heavenly!!
    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here which kind of sucks but it’s ok nevertheless.. I’ll probably stuff myself on Christmas anyway 😉

    • Karin, I find that a lot of people use Thanksgiving as an excuse to stuff themselves instead of celebrating the day of being thankful. For me, I like being with my family and the food is cherry on top.

      No worries, Christmas is coming, you will have your days feasting soon.

  2. Those pancakes look gorgeous. Love the granola on top 🙂 Sounds like you have a packed but fun day tomorrow!! I’m most looking forward to cranberry sauce.. mmm 🙂

  3. Those look so good! Yum, I love pancakes topped with granola. Actually, I like most things topped with granola! haha Good luck on the Turkey Trot!

  4. These are so pretty! I love how colorful they are. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to turkey and mac&cheese!

  5. these look amazing!

    happy TG!

  6. I am going to do a 10k Turkey Trot tommorrow as well. Good luck! Your pancakes look deliscous. Have a lovely Thanksgiving tomorrow.

  7. I love Thanksgiving potatoes…roasted, mashed, and any other way I can get them. I am a potato girl!

    The pancakes look divine….

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. movesnmunchies says:

    mmm i love pomegranate! i just had some yesterday on fro-yo!

  9. spoonfulofsugarfree says:

    YUM YUM YUM!!! This looks so good!!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!!! Have a great day 🙂

  10. Hmmm, I love pumpkin pancakes!

  11. These look great! I love pomegranates, but I keep referring to the arils as areolas. NOT the same thing….and embarrassing in conversation

  12. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    Yumm they look delicious and simple to make, thanks for posting the recipe.


  13. dreamgreensite says:

    Don’t think I can wait until next Thanksgiving for these! I might have to have them for brekkie tomorrow. They look heavenly! xx


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